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Sleep Studies

Sleep studies are specialized tests used to measure how well you sleep and detect how your body responds to issues while you sleep. If you suspect you might have a sleep disorder, you will need to speak with your doctor who may refer you to Premier Sleep Center for a sleep study, also called a polysomnogram. The test will assist your doctor in determining if you have a sleep disorder, the severity of the disorder and will help in determining what treatment is needed.

What can I expect to happen during my sleep study?

Our sleep studies are conducted in a home like atmosphere where you will have your own bed and room to accommodate your sleep study needs. It is our goal to make the patient comfortable and relaxed. Please come prepared with a book, to watch tv or listen to music (whatever helps you sleep comfortably as you do at home) so that we will get the most accurate results. We want to do our best to help you sleep better and have a healthier lifestyle.

Each Patient is greeted by a qualified Sleep Technician. The technician will then discuss the procedure and answer any questions the patient may have at that time.

The sleep study itself is an in depth analysis that typically involves over 800 pages of data which is interpreted by a Board Certified Sleep Specialist. The interpretation will give an individualized treatment plan so that we can develop how to help you get a better night's rest along with a healthier more productive life